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The Fleet

AircraftPassengersStatute MilesCruising Speed (est.)
Turboprops81,000 - 2,000Up to 500 miles per hour
Very Light Jets3 to 71,100 - 1,600320 - 420
Light Jets5 to 81,600 - 2,200400 - 500
Midsize Jets6 to 92,000 - 3,100530
Super Midsize JetsUp to 92,800 - 3,700500 - 525
Heavy JetsUp to 164,900 - 7,700590
Jumbo JetsUp to 3005,400 - 8,700 570

You do not have to be a scion of industry, a pro athlete or movie star to afford or appreciate flying in a private aircraft. The experience is simply unmatched when it comes to getting to where you want to go in style, class and luxury. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient—a true saver of that most precious of all commodities—time.

Say farewell to:
  • Wasting time in an airport terminal
  • Arriving two hours before your fight is scheduled to depart
  • Standing in long, slow moving security lines
  • Stressing about your plane arriving at the gate on time
  • Waiting while your late arriving airplane gets prepped for your flight

  • Exceptional jet charter flights
  • Flying on your schedule
  • No waiting for your flight to arrive
  • No worries about missing connecting flights
  • Superior concierge services

Allow a little luxury into your life… contact Dynamic Jet Charter to book a flight today!


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