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Consider the Dynamic Jet Premier Card Program!

These cards were developed for individuals and businesses that want to enjoy a convenient travel process. Our program offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and affordability for your private jet needs. Fill out the quick form below for more information.

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The benefits of the cards include:

  • Fixed hourly rates 
  • No hidden fees  
  • No repositioning charges
  • 365-day guaranteed access with no premiums on peak travel days
  • Certified ARGUS and / or Wyvern approved aircraft crews
  • Access a private aviation specialist 24 / 7

  • No interchange fees for upgrading or downgrading an aircraft
  • Domestic/global catering and concierge services available
  • Book in the US with just 24 hour notice on non-peak travel days

Note: there is a 15% hourly rate addition for international trips.

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