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Passengers: 8
Stature Miles: 2000
Cruising Speed: 500

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Your journey will be flawlessly coordinated and executed from the initial request, though your flight, and beyond.

Turboprops are known to be more fuel efficient than jets due to the efficiency of the (turbofan) engines. Turbofan engines are superior in performance and speed at high altitudes. Turboprop airliners also provide great economic value for short- to mid-range flights of up to 800 miles. They are highly regarded for their safety and reliability, and maintain continuously high dispatch ratings. Turboprops are well-suited for regional transit in areas with smaller airports due to their outstanding runway performance. Save time and money, book today!

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Allow a little luxury into your life

You do not have to be a scion of industry, a pro athlete or movie star to afford or appreciate flying in a private aircraft. The experience is simply unmatched when it comes to getting to where you want to go in style, class and luxury. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient—a true saver of that most precious of all commodities—time.

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Turboprops Range

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Say Farewell To:
  • Wasting time in an airport terminal
  • Arriving two hours before your fight is scheduled to depart
  • Standing in long, slow moving security lines
  • Stressing about your plane arriving at the gate on time
  • Waiting while your late arriving airplane gets prepped for your flight
  • Exceptional jet charter flights
  • Flying on your schedule
  • No waiting for your flight to arrive
  • No worries about missing connecting flights
  • Superior concierge services

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